Fix what’s broken or look for future short term failures?

August 14, 2015

As a supplier to the Automatic door industry and having spent 12 Years in the service side of our business this is a question that intrigues me.

Do your engineers fix only what’s broken at the time of visit or look for parts that may fail shortly?
I have had both types of customer, those who want it fixed cheap as possible and those who will weigh up the future burden of a quick fix.

It’s an odd predicament as I feel that you are called out to repair what’s immediately broken but how often has it been heard “The door has failed again and your engineer was only here recently” ? Upon return you find that another aux part or small accessory needs replacing. Then the customer/Installer negotiation dance begins! lol

On one side you have a duty to repair or maintain the customer’s doors with the most economical solution but on the other side small repairs and replacements can often save the customer money in the long run through reduced callouts / labour and down time?

And on the same chain of thought, is it better to replace a single component on an aged door or recommend a complete retro fit kit to your customer to save expense going forward?

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