20 benefits of the DFA 127 Swing operator

September 14, 2015

Since July, GA now offers the Full range of Record Products. This month we look at the DFA 127 Swing door system and its benefits.

Advantages of the DFA 127 Swing Drive

  1. One operator does all functions: Left / Right / Push / Pull / Fully Auto and Low Energy
  2. CAN BUS communication – this means that the Program selector gives a full diagnostic readout in a user friendly view.
  3. The DFA uses a direct mechanical drive from the motor to the door and is therefore free from any oil leaks with extremely quiet operation; ideal for libraries people’s homes and other quiet locations.(-18dB)
  4. The unit is fire rated to 35min
  5. The Unit offers a very diverse range of options for varied operation during the working day and night access.
    Access Control
    Hold Open – Public Entrance
    Automatic – Normal operation and energy saving for the building
    Manual – Out of office kiddie créche in the evening
    Back to access control at night. – Access for out of hours services (Cleaners / Post)
    This is achieved with no physical changing the controls on the doors.
  6. Powerful operation can move a 1m door up to 200Kg
  7. During the learn cycle the control board automatically learns the on door sensors and where to switch them off and on.
  8. Adjustable in spring tension for larger door leaf control.
  9. It can learn up to 115deg opening angle.
  10. Power consumption is extremely green efficient at 67watts in operation and 13wats at rest. This is with all sensors and on door safety active.
  11. Highly adaptable to the mounting positioning location enabling specialised fitting to small door leaves, or in small areas.
  12. Pulling past a 200mm revile
  13. Pushing past a 500mm revile
  14. Clean stainless steel cover (also available in Aluminium for painting or modifications.)
  15. Push arm system detaches at the knuckle joint to allow the door to be removed without upsetting the settings of the arm system.
  16. Slide arm system does both Push and Pull if you were not sure of what you would find in attending site and instant changes required.
  17. Additional and independent micro switches can be installed inside the unit for monitoring door position and intruder contacts.
  18. Control via Rocker switch or Key switch or Digital display switch
  19. BDE-D working on the CAN BUS system can have a cable run of 1800m (Yes – 1.8Km)
  20. Options of 2 controllers (BDE or key switch) per door for local operation at the doors and remote operation in a security office. Often used in shopping malls via CCTV etc