Shop Front Automatic Door Operators

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Why have a manual door on your shop front when the whole façade can be automatically opened with a press of a button?

An automatic shop front operator is the ideal solution for bars, cafés, restaurants and hotels as they remove the barrier from customer to purchase.

Recent research has found that in certain circumstances this type of system can pay for itself within just 3 months, simply by opening the whole glass frontage. 

The automatic shop front operator will flood your business with light and allow you to open up to the environment, framing your view of the world as well as welcoming customers.

With our advanced engineering, we can accommodate door leaves up to 1 metre wide, 3 metres high and spans of nearly 15 metres long.

All our thermally broken aluminium bi-folding doors have great U-value ratings that surpass all current building regulations.


All our doors are provided with automatic locking top and bottom with a key override. The electric locking system is ‘fail–secure’ meaning all doors are 100% secure, even in a power failure.


  • Open whole front of your business with an automatic shop front operator – Up to 15 metres wide
  • Integrate buttons, smart phones and building management systems
  • Safety as standard
  • Include a pedestrian door for winter access
  • Various glazing options

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